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We have a well-established network of print, radio, television and online media contacts.

Shown: Scheduled interview at Clear Channel Radio

Lydia Baehr Public Relations

From traditional media coverage to branding, blogs, social media and videos, Lydia Baehr and her staff have a proven track record of success, spanning the spectrum of public relations services and continually searching for new platforms to meet clients' needs and exceed expectations.

  • Health care

  • Green & Eco-Friendly

  • Information Technology

  • Science

  • Education

  • Tourism

  • Arts

  • Culture

  • Entertainment

  • Retail & Fashion

“Thank you for being such an incredible advocate for Legacy. While I would expect that from most any PR firm, you take it a step further and truly engage and care about the organizations that you represent.”

Legacy Community Health Services Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Kimberly Paulus

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